First Steps to Living with Dementia


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Continuing this helpful and insightful series on the problems and difficulties that you’re often left to face alone, ‘First Steps’ helps you start to find your feet in understanding dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dr Simon Atkins addresses your concerns on topics including what symptoms should to look out for, where to find help, what treatments are available this is a short, but comprehensive introduction.

Whether you are concerned for yourself or someone else, First Steps clears away the myths and sets out the facts about this increasingly common condition. This First Steps guide gives advice on diagnosis, conventional medical treatments and alternative remedies, the social and financial support available, and the lifestyle changes that can help prevent it.

A busy GP and prolific author, Dr Atkins is a freelance medical journalist writing for The Guardian, GQ, Take a break and Men’s Health, as well as a presenter of the BBC3 series ‘Make Me a Baby’.

With a clear need for better understanding of the condition, both for those who suffer from it and those around them, this book raises awareness of what it may mean, and to know what can be done to improve the mental health of those affected.


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