Volunteering with us is a brilliant way to share your talents and spend your time...


Active Volunteers in February 2021

Why volunteer?

At The Parish Trust, we believe that volunteering should enrich the lives of our volunteers. We like to make volunteering as beneficial as possible, so here is a list of some of the benefits you can expect from volunteering with us:

Tempo Time Credits

If you are eligible through the amount of volunteer hours you commit to the charity, we can give you “Time Credits.” These credits can add up to get you a selection of different benefits, like Netflix and Disney+ subscriptions, days out, meals out and even money on a PAYG phone!

Boost your CV

Volunteering really stands out on a CV, and employers are likely to favour someone who has volunteering experience as it shows a variety of desirable qualities in a potential employee.

A Reference

If you’ve been volunteering with us for a while, we will be more than happy to provide a reference for you in whatever you look to doing in the future.

A Volunteer Family

Our volunteers are very friendly and we like to see them as a family of volunteers. We realise that communication and friendship with others is very important - and you get to make a direct and positive impact to your community while you do it!

Seeing the Effect

We often get our service users thanking us for all we do for them. Our delivery drivers and assistants especially know the impact our services have on the lives of those that we help. It’s wonderful to know that the work you do is helping those in need locally.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

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