Looking to our Christian roots, we exist to sow faith, share hope, and show love in everything we do


The Parish Trust was founded in 2019 by the Reverend Dean Aaron Roberts and a small but dedicated team of trustees.

The founding of the charity was the manifestation of a shared passion to invest in the local community through creating and running various projects that would benefit and enrich our stakeholders.

This passion was fuelled by the conviction of the Board of Trustees to practically demonstrate the Christian faith and its virtues.

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We work together to bring faith, hope, and love through our various projects…

Whilst we are a charity founded on the Christian faith, we exist for everyone.​

Jesus said that he came to bring “life in all its fulness” (It’s in the gospel of John chapter 10, verse 10, if you’re interested!) The Parish Trust seeks to follow Jesus in this regard, and so we run various projects that help us move towards Jesus’ vision of human flourishing.


We believe that, even though faith is central to who we are and what we do, you don’t have to be “religious” to support the philanthropic ethos of the charity. We work with anyone and everyone who is willing to help us on our mission to bring life in all its fulness to the people we serve. We will support and help anyone we come into contact with. We exist for the benefit of all.


What does this look like in practice? 

For us, it means tackling poverty in all its forms, giving opportunities for people to learn and develop skills, providing a platform for young people to grow and flourish, bringing people together to create meaningful community and connections, and giving people space to explore life’s biggest questions of faith, to find hope, and receive love.


You can find out more about our various projects on the pages of our website. We’re always looking to do something new, and to take on new opportunities and challenges as they arise, which is what makes The Parish Trust such an exciting charity to be involved with and support, whether that’s through accessing our projects and support, volunteering, fundraising, or giving to our cause.


Our Logo is one way in which we can summarise our work as a charity…

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, and it’s true. The Parish Trust logo incorporates everything we want to be as an organisation…​

  • Colour – A warm yellow to symbolise hope, friendship, and community.
  • Pebble – The Christian faith tells us that we are uniquely made and uniquely valuable. The Bible talks about Christians being “living stones” who are to strive to become more like Jesus through loving him, and loving their neighbours.
  • Hands – Again, the hands coming together symbolise friendship, help, and community. They remind us of relationship and connection. They also make an abstract reference to The Creation of Adam, a painting by Michelangelo which depicts God’s desire to nurture a relationship with humankind.
  • Bible – Underneath the hands is a Bible, pointing to our Christian foundations in all that we do.

Please note that in order to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and to enjoy the Easter Holidays, The Parish Trust will be closed from Thursday 28th March 2024 and will reopen on Monday 8th April 2024. We wish all our stakeholders and beneficiaries a Happy Easter.

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