The Parish Trust is aware that there are many organisations collecting items and money for Ukrainians as part of the humanitarian response to the war in Ukraine. We wish to support this, and as such, we will be a drop-off point for donations throughout the month of March as a starting point.

We are mindful, however, that in the coming months, there will most likely be a refugee crisis as many thousands, if not millions, of Ukrainians are displaced. Because of this, The Parish Trust is liaising with the local council and government to formulate a plan so that we are ready to play our part when we are called to do so. This will take time and planning, and so rather than duplicating the efforts already being made, we would rather support others in their work whilst organising ourselves for the long-term response to what is happening.

We have set up a dedicated page on our website with resources and information as to what we are doing at

REV. DEAN AARON ROBERTS | Chair of Trustees

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Rev. Dean Aaron Roberts

Rev. Dean Aaron Roberts is the Founder and Chair of Trustees of The Parish Trust.

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