In a move designed to fortify and advance the initiatives of The Parish Trust’s CARE Project, we are pleased to introduce Nerys Beckett as the newly appointed CARE Project Lead. Nerys brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to community welfare and environmental stewardship.

Nerys, a seasoned professional with four years of dedicated service to a charity close to her heart, joins us with a profound understanding of the diverse needs within our community. In her own words, she expresses her eagerness to get to know the local residents and make a meaningful impact on their lives.

As the CARE Project Lead, Nerys is set to expand our reach beyond conventional food distribution methods. One notable initiative she wants to champion is our “Bag a Bargain” scheme, a lucky dip bag of short-dated food aimed not only at giving the public a chance to source good food at cheap prices, but also reducing food waste, aligning perfectly with The Parish Trust’s commitment to caring for the environment.

Nerys’s appointment is more than just a change in leadership; it is a strategic move to further develop and enhance the CARE Project. Her versatile experience and fresh perspective are expected to bring about positive changes and contribute significantly to the project’s growth.

Beyond her professional commitments, Nerys is a devoted wife and mother of two children, Alysha and Olivia. Her love for music and active involvement in Girlguiding showcase her dedication to community engagement and skill-sharing.

Rev. Dean Aaron Roberts, CEO of The Parish Trust, emphasised the strategic nature of Nerys’ appointment. He said,

Nerys’ versatile experience and commitment to both community welfare and environmental sustainability make her a valuable addition to our team. We are confident that under her leadership, the CARE Project will reach new heights, impacting the lives of those we serve in meaningful ways.

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