Feed a Fiver

The services of The Parish Trust are available to 50,231 people in Caerphilly County Borough. If you live at an address where your postcode starts with CF83, The Parish Trust is committed to making its services available to you. However, these services are now under threat due to increasing costs.

Every year, we feed around 8,000 people through our CARE Project. We put on low cost or free courses and clubs to enrich the community.

We provide services to hundreds of children and young people, and we strive for a better standard of living for everyone through all our other projects.

It takes a lot of time, volunteers, and money to make this happen.

The Parish Trust cannot survive on food donations alone. We have many bills that need paying, and they are unavoidable if we are to ensure a holistic and professional service to the general public. What’s more, our bills are increasing rapidly, and grant funding is getting harder to find.

That’s why we’re on a mission to find people who will commit to donating just £5 a month to us, and become part of the 5% of people in CF83 (2512 people) who support The Parish Trust financially. 

Could you feed a fiver each month to the work of The Parish Trust?

Of course, you may not live in the area, but still want to support us as a charity – that’s fine too! We’d be delighted if you could support us this way.

With the Cost of Living Crisis affecting us all, it’s important now more than ever to help each other out, and The Parish Trust needs your help so that we can continue to help so many people, and make ourselves available to help even more.

Your £5 a month will help us to help others; to help them in times of distress and acute need, and it will help us to invest in the future so that when tough times come, we’ll always be on hand to offer an extra helping hand.

Text Giving

If our online Feed a Fiver form doesn't work for you, you can always give by Text message! Press here to find out how...

Text FEEDAFIVER to 70085 to donate £5 per month.

This will cost the donation amount plus two standard network rate messages.
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