The Parish Trust and Wave Environmental Solutions Team Up to Tackle Recycling Challenges

The Parish Trust has recently embarked on a fantastic partnership with Wave, a leading recycling company, to address one of our most significant challenges: cardboard and paper recycling.

A Win-Win Collaboration

You may not realise it, but managing cardboard and paper waste is no small feat, especially for a charity like ours. That’s why partnering with Wave is such a game-changer. Not only are they experts in the field, but they’ve also graciously agreed to recycle our cardboard and paper waste for free! This not only helps us reduce our environmental impact but also saves us a considerable amount of money that would have otherwise been spent on commercial waste collection services.

Cardboard and paper recycling is sorted at our headquarters before being taken to Wave each week by staff and dedicated volunteers to be recycled.

Navigating Regulatory Waters

Now, let’s talk regulations. As a charity operating in Wales, we’re subject to the same workplace recycling laws as any other organisation. Compliance is crucial, not just because it’s the law, but because it reflects our commitment to responsible environmental stewardship. Our partnership with Wave ensures that we not only meet but exceed these legal requirements, setting a positive example for other charities and businesses alike.

Fulfilling Our Mission, One Box at a Time

At The Parish Trust, our mission extends far beyond our charitable activities. We’re dedicated to creating a better world in every aspect of our work, including waste management. By teaming up with Wave, we’re not only recycling cardboard and paper; we’re making a statement about our values and our dedication to sustainability. We hope that this is one of the many steps we have taken to become more environmentally friendly, and many thanks goes to Nerys, our CARE Project Lead, who has been rolling out the recycling changes through the charity to make us more sustainable.

Join Us on Our Journey

We’re thrilled to have Wave on board as a partner in our journey towards a greener future. But we can’t do it alone. We invite you, our supporters, to join us. Together, we can make a real difference, not just for our charity, but for the planet we all call home.

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