The Parish Trust, in collaboration with Good Things Foundation, is proud to announce the launch of its “Databank” initiative, aimed at providing free mobile data to those in need across The Parish Trust’s service area, covering over 54,000 people in Caerphilly County Borough. This groundbreaking program operates similarly to a food bank but focuses on bridging the digital divide by offering essential connectivity resources to individuals and families facing data poverty.

In today’s increasingly digital world, access to the internet is crucial for education, employment, and everyday tasks. However, data poverty is a growing concern, particularly among vulnerable populations. Many children require internet access at home for remote learning, study, and homework, while adults rely on connectivity for job applications, banking, and other essential activities. Moreover, older individuals are increasingly dependent on digital tools to stay connected with loved ones and access services traditionally available in physical locations.

Through the Databank initiative, The Parish Trust will provide free SIM cards and mobile data allowances to eligible individuals and households. This initiative aims to empower individuals by granting them the necessary tools to participate fully in the digital age.

Rev. Dean Aaron Roberts, CEO of The Parish Trust, commented on the significance of the Databank initiative, stating,

In an era where connectivity is more vital than ever, no one should be left behind due to lack of access to mobile data. The Parish Trust is committed to addressing data poverty and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive in an increasingly digital society. Through the Databank, we hope to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing connectivity challenges.

Individuals in need of mobile data can self-refer to The Parish Trust by contacting their office at 02921 880 212, option 1, to schedule an appointment with a member of the team. The team will guide individuals through the referral process and assist in setting up the mobile data allowance.

For more information about The Parish Trust and its initiatives, please visit

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