The Parish Trust Earns Good Business Charter Accreditation for Ethical Practices

Recognising its commitment towards ethical operating practices, The Parish Trust has today been awarded accreditation by the Good Business Charter (GBC). This accreditation serves as a testament to the organisation’s commitment to operating with integrity, fairness, and sustainability across its operations.

The Good Business Charter, founded on the principles of responsible business conduct, evaluates companies and charities based on ten components that encapsulate essential aspects of ethical business behaviour:

  1. Real Living Wage: Ensuring all employees are paid at least the Real Living Wage, calculated based on the cost of living.
  2. Fairer hours and contracts: Providing secure and stable employment contracts, avoiding exploitative zero-hour contracts, and respecting employees’ work-life balance.
  3. Employee Wellbeing: Prioritising the physical and mental health of employees through adequate support systems, wellness initiatives, and a healthy work environment.
  4. Employee representation: Encouraging employee participation in decision-making processes and providing mechanisms for feedback and dialogue.
  5. Environmental responsibility: Implementing sustainable practices to minimise environmental impact, such as reducing waste, conserving resources, and adopting renewable energy sources.
  6. Prompt payment practices: Ensuring timely payment to suppliers and contractors, promoting financial stability throughout the supply chain.
  7. Commitment to customers: Providing fair and transparent pricing, high-quality products and services, and exemplary customer service where applicable.
  8. Tax transparency and responsibility: Upholding tax obligations ethically and transparently, contributing to the wider society through fair taxation.
  9. Commitment to ethical sourcing: Sourcing materials and products responsibly, prioritising suppliers that adhere to ethical and sustainable standards.
  10. Diversity and inclusion: Promoting diversity and inclusion within the workforce, fostering an environment of equality and opportunity for all employees regardless of background or identity.

Rev. Dean Aaron Roberts, CEO of The Parish Trust, expressed his pride in the organisation’s achievement, stating,

Receiving accreditation from the Good Business Charter underscores our commitment to serving our communities ethically and responsibly. It reflects our belief that our work extends beyond charity to others; it’s about embodying the values of fairness and compassion in everything we do, including within our own internal practices and procedures.

Diane Brierley, Chair of Trustees at The Parish Trust, echoed Rev. Roberts’ sentiments, adding,

Our journey towards ethical accreditation has been one of dedication and collaboration. We are honoured to receive this recognition, which validates our ongoing efforts to create a positive impact in the lives of those we serve, while upholding the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

The Parish Trust’s accreditation by the GBC underscores its commitment to these principles and its dedication to conducting its operations in a responsible and sustainable manner. By adhering to the standards set by the GBC, The Parish Trust not only enhances its impact on the communities it serves but also sets a positive example for the wider community.

As the world increasingly prioritises sustainability and social impact, initiatives like the Good Business Charter play a crucial role in driving positive change. The accreditation of The Parish Trust serves as a reminder that organisations that employ people have the power and responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of the whole of society.

Going forward, The Parish Trust reaffirms its commitment to striving for excellence, and building a fair, sustainable, and leading organisation fully focussed on bringing about positive change.

Please note that in order to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and to enjoy the Easter Holidays, The Parish Trust will be closed from Thursday 28th March 2024 and will reopen on Monday 8th April 2024. We wish all our stakeholders and beneficiaries a Happy Easter.

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