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Why do you only offer a delivery service for Food Parcels?

Many food banks require the service user to come and collect their food from a central hub. However, at The Parish Trust’s CARE Project, we deliver all of our food parcels. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Asking people to come and collect food can put an additional logistical pressure and financial burden on them. They are limited as to what they may be able to take home if they don’t have their own transport. It also costs money in fuel and public transport costs, especially if someone is a single parent with children.
  2. Our delivery drivers are able to “check in” with the service users in order to ensure that they are OK.
  3. It is safer for our volunteers and our building that we do not have people picking up food parcels from our HQ.
  4. We are able to make referrals as and when required to other agencies if we discover that something’s not quite right.
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