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I want to donate money to you. Can I tell you what I want it to be spent on?

Thank you so much for being willing to donate to The Parish Trust! You can make your donation here.

Sometimes, people want to ensure that their money goes on a particular thing, such as food for our CARE Project. If you really want to restrict the donation, you contact us to let us know, however we strongly encourage you not to do this.

The Parish Trust is a fast growing organisation. We employ a number of staff who are paid a modest wage but whose wages make up a very large payroll bill for us. We need them in order to run the charity efficiently. We also have thousands of pounds worth of insurance which we have to have in place each year. We have electricity and gas bills. We have to service and MOT our vehicles. We have to put fuel in them each week. We have to buy and replace equipment. We have to set aside some funds for training of our staff and volunteers, and have a budget to perform DBS checks and safeguarding training for them. We have to pay to design, print, and distribute information leaflets about our services. We have to pay membership fees to the charity sector. We have to run our phone lines and our website… which all costs money.

Please consider donating to us without restricting your donation. And if you’re a tax payer, please ensure you Giftaid your donation so that we can claim an additional 25% back from the Government, meaning that for every £1 you donate, we will get £1.25.

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